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In 2012 Smart Kids made a successful test run to deliver the first laptops to needy children in the the Philippines. I took a flight to Tokyo, then another to Manilla before boarding a ten hour bus to reach Baguio. Once there it was a thirty minute hike down a steep mountain that led me to the indigenous village of Happy Hollow.

I knew roughly where the school was, but fortunately I met a villager on my walk there.  He told me his mom was a teacher there and was more than happy to escort me to the school.  We walked through a dirt courtyard with a bare basketball hoop and into the cinder block classroom. After meeting the surprised principal and getting her okay, I pulled the laptop out of my backpack and gave it to her 6th grade class. The excitement was palpable - it was like Christmas. I set up the machine and showed them how to use it....


Smart Kids gives needy schoolchildren a chance to join the digital age. We achieve this by utilizing old hardware and software that, in the United States, is typically throw away.  I believe that if you can help schoolchildren learn better you can help much more than just their grades: you can help their entire country. 

EXCITING NEWS: Happy Hollow, SPED Academy Laptops Delivered!

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